From the desk of the Principal

Importance of the study of law has never been questioned, although the efficacy of the laws prevailing in this country and that of our legal system have been questioned by many, a number of times. In order to have a good legal system and, to establish and preserve Rule of Law, we need good lawyers. And in order to produce good lawyers we have to have a good system of legal education. A lot is there to be done to improve the quality of legal education in this country. It is a huge task, and it requires collective efforts of all concerned to improve the quality of legal education as a whole. A Law College can simply try sincerely to impart meaningful legal education into the students and to allow them sufficient space and scope for growing into competent lawyers.

At Sarsuna Law College, the students are assured of all sorts of help in understanding the laws, the basic principles of the laws and the scopes and fields of their application. A good library and access to almost all the leading Law Journals supplement the classroom teaching.

The teachers and the non-teaching staff of the College are committed to making the process of learning as enjoyable as possible for the students, so that the period of their learning at the College may remain as a fond memory to be cherished for the rest of their lives.

Welcome to SLC family!