Admission process of 3-years LL.B (Hons.) for 2021-2022 will be held Online from 2nd August, 2021 to 20th August, 2021. Please follow for more details.


Sl.No Photo Name of the Teacher Designation & Qualification
1 Dr. Smt. Atasi Roy Khaskel Principal – LL.M., Ph.D.
2 Dr. Anindita Adhikari LL.M., Ph.D.
3 Dr. Ishtiaque Ahmed LL.M., Ph.D.
4 Dr. Rituparna Sardar LL.M., Ph.D.
5 Dr. Syeda Shamima Begum LL.M., Ph.D.
6 Dr. Sri Sanjib Chakraborty LL. M., Ph.D.
7 Smt. Mallika Ray Librarian